Tèrra Aventura

Walk with your children with pleasure thanks to this free experience of playful discovery of Limousin.
The Tourist office is at your disposal for any piece of information.


Pour le départ, nos parcours indiquent généralement un point de parking que vous pouvez saisir dans votre GPS auto. Notez-le précieusement, il vous permet de retrouver votre véhicule.
Pas de GPS ?
Vous pouvez en louer un à l'Office de Tourisme au tarif de 4€. Pour une expérience ultime, privilégiez l’utilisation d’un GPS de randonnée intégrant un fond cartographique embarqué (Topo).
vous pouvez également télécharger et utiliser gratuitement notre application mobile Tèrra Aventura qui vous permettra de vivre une expérience sans précédents.

The concept: get off the beaten track and discover a rich and surprising heritage by participating in real "high-tech" treasure hunts by introducing you to the geocaching.
The adventurers from 7 to 77 years old, provided with GPS or with a smartphone (download previously the Tèrra Aventura application), can search for about 100 hiding places hidden from 4 corners(places) of the territory.
Choose a hiding place, according to the various themes, represented by small characters: Poï' z.
Ask for the road map of the hiding place the counter of in the partner Tourist office or the meeting on the index card of the hiding place to print him from your home. Click here to see the map of hiding places.
Seize the GPS address and phone number of the starting point and be allowed guide!

For the departure, our courses indicate generally a point of parking lot that you can seize in your GPS automobile. Note it affectedly, he allows you to find your vehicle.
No GPS ?
You can rent one for it in the Tourist office in the 4€ price list. For an ultimate experience, favor the use of a GPS of hike integrating an embarked cartographic background.
You can also download and use free of charge our mobile Tèrra Aventura application which will allow you to live an experience without the precedents.

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