Vidéoguide Limousin

The heritage of Crozant shows itself in a new light with Vidéoguide Limousin. The mobile application and the web site propose a simple and free multimedia discovery of the cultural wealth of the territory. Only, between friends or in family, be allowed guide, with the GPS functions of the application, through commented courses of visit. Thanks to mini video documentaries richly illustrated, audio comments and slide shows, the story, the art and the architecture become accessible to all (from 8 years). courses also exist in English version.

Vidéoguide Crozant

How does it work?
It is enough to download free of charge, on your smartphone or your tablet, the application, then the route of your choice. Meeting on Google Play ou Apple store. The download in Wi-Fi is recommended (faster than on the network 3G).
When the route is downloaded, more need to reach internet. All the contents are embarked on your device.
Need for a tablet?
The tourist offices of Aubusson and Dun the Palestel (Tourist office of the Painters Valley) propose you the rent of tablets adapted to the visit Vidéoguide.
Vidéoguide is already available on 6 destinations in Limousin, of which the Painters Valley to Crozant.
During a century, from 1850 till 1950, the Creuse Valley attracted hundreds of painters, in particular impressionistic, seduced by a rough and wild nature made up of rocks, moors and tempestuous stream. Today much more afforested than formerly, the valley always offers remarkable landscapes which echo paintings realized here and preserved in numerous international museums.
This multimedia course suggests you entering at the heart of the story) of the Painters Valley, to Crozant, and discovering the landscapes such as liked them and represented the impressionists.
Other course Vidéoguide Limousin proposed in the Creuse: Aubusson guide you in one of the 4 thematic courses (Tapestry, old Heritage, Heritage 20th century or the Main part), to know the wealth of Aubusson of yesterday and today (Quoted from the tapestry, the bridge of Terrade, clock tower)

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